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How To Wear Lingerie For Self-Love

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Wearing lingerie has nothing to do with your relationship status. Can you wear lingerie for a partner? Of course! But you can also wear lingerie just for you too.

I think many women purchase lingerie in hopes of satisfying a partner and there's nothing wrong with that, I just believe those same women are unaware of how wearing lingerie can be the ultimate act of self-love too.

When we slip on our favourite lingerie, we're showing ourselves love, care, and attention. We're also allowing confidence, empowerment and affection to shine through.

I know what it's like to not always love the body I'm in. I spent years struggling with my own relationship to myself so I know it isn't easy but now I'm on the other side of the struggle, I know that lingerie is an incredibly powerful (and magical!) tool in beating the struggle.

So how do you wear lingerie for self-love? I'm going to give you my favourite tips!

Wear something that you feel incredible in

When it comes to lingerie, please look for things you love! If you don't want to wear something your partner asks you to wear, then don't. When you put on your lingerie, you should feel sexy, empowered, confident, beautiful and just straight-up amazing. If it's anything other than that, keep looking!

Wear the correct size

Something that often makes us uncomfortable with lingerie is that we're actually wearing the wrong size. As women, our size changes throughout our life so if we haven't had a professional fitting recently, we may be wearing the wrong size.

A great way to ensure you're ordering your correct size online is to compare your body's measurements against the size chart provided. You can always reach out to our team and we can help too!

Wear it outside of the bedroom

This tip was life-changing for me! A long day in the office? Lingerie underneath. A hot new date? Lingerie underneath. A meeting to secure funding for your new business? Lingerie underneath. Feeling a bit off? Lingerie underneath.

It doesn't matter what you're doing with your day, if you are wanting to feel more empowered, confident and sexy then wear your lingerie underneath!

With love and lace,

Adore By S x


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