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Owner & Founder of Adore By S

I'm Shorina, the brains, heart, and soul behind the magic at Adore By S. Strap in for a journey through time, tales of lingerie, and a sprinkle of my own adventures!


2017 was the year Adore By S (previously Bras By S) bursts onto the scene. It was my very first baby. Fast forward a bit, and now I'm not just a mum to Adore By S; I'm also a real-life mum, juggling the chaos of two little boys. Oh, did I mention I'm not just about lingerie? Yep, I'm also the proud Founder of Mindful Soul Collective, a counselling and wellbeing service that's close to my heart. The hustle is real, my loves!


Now, let's rewind a bit to my childhood. From a tender age, I had this burning desire to make a difference in the lives of women. How? Well, that part was a bit fuzzy, but I was determined to figure it out – and I did! I noticed the epic struggle my mum faced in the bra department – the perpetual quest for bras that fit like a dream, looked drop-dead gorgeous, and didn't break the bank. My mum, the eternal optimist, used to joke that I should become a 'bra designer' to rescue women like her. Well, guess what, Mum? Look at me now, living the dream!

At the tender age of 15, I found myself rocking a 10DD, and by 18, I was dancing between a 10E and 10F. Now, that might sound like a wild ride in the bra department, but believe me, the struggle was real. And guess what? I was witnessing the same struggles that my dear mum faced. It was like a case of déjà vu, and my options were as limited as they come – either splurge on beautiful but expensive lingerie or settle for the humdrum, affordable pieces. Talk about a lose-lose situation!

Fast forward to 2016, a year that threw me a curveball that I never saw coming.

A car accident turned my world upside down. The aftermath? A lifelong back injury that sentenced me to months of bed rest and over a year without clocking in at work. Physically, mentally, and emotionally draining doesn't even begin to cover it. But hey, amid the chaos, I had a lightbulb moment – a chance to hit the reset button on my future.

Now, I could've wallowed in self-pity, but where's the fun in that - though, let's be honest, I did wallow in self-pity for a bit there but then I took a trip down memory lane to my childhood dreams of making a difference in the lives of women. And voila! The seed was planted. I decided to trade in my struggles for a brighter future and started delving into the world of counselling! I earned my stripes as a Certified Counsellor and racked up over 30 specialty certificates in the mental health field.


I wasn't ready to see clients and use my newly acquired qualifications so that's when a magical ride through the highs and lows that paved the way for Adore By S began – where self-love and lingerie collide in a symphony of empowerment!

It all began on a particularly challenging day when my back was staging a revolt. Seeking solace, I reached for a piece of lingerie I had crafted myself. The moment it embraced my body, something extraordinary happened. I felt a surge of empowerment, an unstoppable force of sexiness and confidence that wrapped me in a cloak of self-love. It was like a potion of magic, and in that moment, I discovered the transformative power of lingerie.

Driven by the desire to share this empowerment, Adore By S was born. I envisioned a space where women of all sizes could revel in the magic of self-love through beautiful and sexy lingerie. Because, let's be real, there are no size limits when it comes to embracing ourselves!

In the early days of Adore By S, I poured my heart and soul into handcrafting each piece. Picture me, meticulously sewing sequins and pearls onto laces, creating works of art that took hours to complete. It was a labour of love, knowing that I was gifting women the magic that lingerie could bring. As the world of Adore By S expanded, the demand soared, and I had to get manufacturers to help with the orders!

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie Boutique in Australia - Owner

Today, Adore By S has woven its spell around tens of thousands of women, not just in Australia but across the globe. I wake up every day with the incredible privilege of knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of women, just as I had always dreamt of.

Even as we grow, Adore By S remains a small, family-owned haven. Every order, every connection, means the world to me. Your support is not just a transaction; it's a contribution to my dreams. Thank you for helping me turn dreams into reality, and for joining me on this magical journey where lingerie is more than fabric – it's a celebration of self-love and empowerment!


Welcome to the Adore By S family, where shopping isn't just a transaction; it's a delightful experience filled with reasons to celebrate! Here's why you should join the party:


  • Size-Inclusive: We're not just a brand; we're a movement! Adore By S is your size-inclusive haven, and we're on a mission to extend our sizing options. Because feeling sexy knows no limits!

  • Family-owned: Ever wanted to be part of a cool, family-owned business? Look no further! Adore By S is proudly a small, family-owned venture from the heart of Australia, making every purchase a personal connection. This also means that when you reach out to us, you're not talking to a faceless entity – you're chatting with someone from our Adore By S family. Expect genuine care and a touch of fun with every interaction!

  • No Drop-Shipping Drama: Quality is our middle name! Unlike some mysterious drop-shipping shenanigans, we keep all our stock on hand, ensuring that every piece meets the highest standards of quality before shipping out.

  • Eco-friendly where possible: We're as earth-loving as you are! Skip the unnecessary tags and extra packaging – we're on a mission to save the planet one lingerie set at a time. Your orders will arrive wrapped in eco-friendly love, with biodegradable and recyclable packaging leading the charge

  • Easy exchanges: Didn't find the perfect fit? No worries! Our easy exchange process ensures that finding your ideal lingerie match is as stress-free as a spa day. Check out the details in our Return Policy – we've got your back!

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can dive into the extraordinary world of Adore By S? Join us for a shopping spree that's not just about lingerie; it's a celebration of confidence, inclusivity, and empowerment!


"I absolutely love the use of all sizes models. Not one person is discriminated against. It makes me proud to be a woman!

The lingerie itself is always great quality and definitely true to size I would always recommend to anyone."

- Jessica Mackenzie

Amazing quality and amazing customer service. 100% would recommend Adore By S to absolutely everyone and anyone. If your thinking about making an order, do itttttttt. You can thank me later"

- Rebecca Jade

"Everything I have ordered has been absolutely perfect!
I’ve made multiple orders and everything is super high quality and fits so well (size checked against the guides) and it all has arrived within 1-2 days of ordering. So happy and in love with Adore By S. Definitely worth it"

- Amy Range

"Received my item after waiting a little while (it was so popular so out of stock), they were so helpful keeping me updated all the time! The item is gorgeous and so so affordable, very different from what I've seen in store and if I had I'd expect it to be $100 which it is no where near! Thanks xx"

- Shelia Vermeer

"I have shopped here for ages now and everything is amazing ❤️❤️ 
100% recommendation.
You can tell she loves what she does and takes great care."

- Javier Brice

"The quality is to perfection. So sexy and stylish I would recommend to everyone and anyone. I love love love it !!"

- Ashley Reid

"Such friendly customer service, my order was ready almost immediately. The quality and sizing is amazing and such a great range of styles and colours. I keep coming back for more. 10/10 would recommend."

- Paris Olivia

"Shorina is lovely! The lingerie I order came quickly and was great quality, fits true to size and I’ll definitely be ordering again. I love it 😍"

- Katie Goronski

"Beautiful designs with a lot of variety, definitely recommend."

- Lisa Nicolson

"Really helpful when I was trying to figure out my sizing, and the pricing beyond reasonable! So excited for my 3 bodysuits to arrive in the mail x"

- Samara Dunning

"The nicest , loviest lingerie I have ever seen or worn ........
It is all gorgeous , Shorina does amazingly beautiful work"

- Cathy Allan

"Great customer service and the pieces are great quality! Will definitely be a return customer"

- Olivia Finlay

"I got a gorgeous red lace bodysuit and love it! The price, quality and service were all amazing!!"

- Sarah Myers

"My favourite online shop without a doubt. 10/10 for customer service."

- Emily Varley

"Received my order today and love it Thankyou"

- Tina Neil

"One of the best online lingerie stores for the price! The quality is amazing. Great service and got my products within days!"

- Naomi Hogie

"Best little company to deal with! I had trouble with ordering and they fixed it up straight away! Cheap but amazing! Will definitely buy from again"

- Daneeka Brown

"Just got my third set and once again it fit perfectly and made me feel sexy as hell! Great quality for reasonable prices, love love love!! X"

- Sidonie Smith

"This is by far my new favourite lingerie site! I just received my order in the mail (the stunning red wine set!) and I could not be happier! The quality is top notch and the first time I haven’t had to worry about size - it fit! Can’t wait to shop again soon! X"

- Becca Jones

"brasbys has such gorgeous stuff and is run by such a lovely and caring team! my order came on time and was really high quality, 10/10 recommend"

- Tina Powley

"Adore By S is an incredibly affordable store with beautiful pieces for every person.


What's even more impressive is how size inclusive every piece is, with an accurate sizing chart at the bottom of each piece so no one is left out. Many other lingerie stores don't cater to people with bigger bodies and because inclusion is an important value of mine, it makes shopping at Adore By S an easy choice.


On top of this, their customer service is amazing. When I left off the apartment number on my address the issue was rectified in under 10 minutes via email, I've never had a store respond so quickly and with so much care. The actual pieces I bought were multiple elastane body harnesses and they fit perfectly. Each one has it's own unique style, they all can be dressed up or down by adding a bralette or bra or wearing them beneath a mesh shirt and they're so versatile - definitely an added staple to my wardrobe. They're also great quality, the elastane doesn't stretch out and become loose after a view uses so I know they'll last a while and they're a really affordable alternative to buying actual leather harnesses which can set you back $300!


The last thing I'll say that I love about Adore By S is that they're located in Australia, with customer service based here and a great returns policy in case things don't end up working out. As opposed to wrangling with dodgy buyers on the internet without reliability, Adore By S is based in Newcastle, have free shipping on orders of a certain price and therefore the delivery is local and takes just a few days. I've been referring the store to all my friends interested in trying out body harnesses and also those who want gorgeous bodysuit and bra sets on a budget, everyone should definitely give them a go!" 

- Bridget Harilaou

"Shorina is a huge inspiration and a wonderful example of creating the life you want, working hard to be successful, creating a meaningful existence, and positively contributing to the lives of others. Then, Adore By S caters to my plus size requirements in styles that are true to me and affordable. They are all-inclusive to every age/shape/size/taste and have become a tool that inadvertently contributes to the growth/success of my profile as they serve to validate my project in my mind, encourage/motivate me to continue and are the perfect store to direct those women that have contacted me looking for recommendations/direction.


Adore By S has become my favourite lingerie store thanks to the story behind them, their range/affordability/service quality and their support for self-love/body positivity. I'm so thankful to have found them and genuinely appreciate their existence 💕.


You care about your customers as not only valued clients, but as women. Adore By S looks to me like it’s a haven for comfort, trust, empowerment, positivity and support."

- Verity Stilley

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