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How To Buy Lingerie That Your Partner Will Love

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There are so many lingerie brands and lingerie styles available, not to mention the different cuts, colours, materials and sizes available so buying lingerie for your partner can be a scary thought but before we go any further, we did also want to offer a loving suggestion to you first.

While buying lingerie for your partner can sound fun, romantic and sexy as hell, it can be even more fun, romantic and sexier if you were to shop for the lingerie together.

When somebody wears lingerie, they should be wearing lingerie that they genuinely love and that makes them feel confident, empowered, sexy and on top of the world. So sometimes the person wearing the lingerie needs to be involved in the shopping to feel that way.

If bringing this up to your partner worries you, then you can let that worry go by using this sentence:

"Hey babe, I'd really love if we could go lingerie shopping together. We could find something that we both love but make sure you feel confident and comfortable wearing it".

In saying this, we know a lot of couples loveee to buy lingerie for each other and it's been discussed beforehand in context, then we wanted to still offer you the practical advice you're here for!

Understand your partner's style

When shopping for lingerie for your partner, it's important to know the style they like to wear. Take a look through their current lingerie collection and notice what kind of pieces they own.

Here are a few questions to ask while looking:

  • What pieces are there? Are there bodysuits, babydolls, bustiers, sets?

  • If they wear sets, are they 2 or 3-piece sets?

  • Is there underwire on the pieces?

  • Are there any specific colours or materials that seem consistent throughout the collection?

  • Does the inside of the bras have a bit of foam at the bottom (making it a push-up bra)?

  • Do the panties cover her bottom completely? Are they high-waisted?

Using the above questions will help you narrow down a lot of lingerie styles!

Check sizing

The next thing to do is to check sizing. You can do this by simply referring to the tags on her current pieces. We recommend checking a couple of pieces just in case there is one piece a slightly different size. You will need:

  • The cup size (located on the bra)

  • The underwear size (located on the underwear)

  • It may also be handy to refer to her usual clothing size as well, depending on the style you select. This is particularly helpful for shopping with us as well.

Go shopping

The next step is to go shopping. On our website, you can select to view by collection (which is style) and then filter by styles or sizing. You are always, always encouraged and welcome to email for specific sizing help if you need as well.

If you choose to shop elsewhere, ensure the lingerie boutique you shop with has the following:

  • Is an Australian-based store to ensure fast and reliable service

  • A return policy where items can be exchanged

  • Customer service that allows you to ask for help when/ if needed.

Shopping for your partner's lingerie can be tricky, but if you follow this guide, it will be so much easier! Click here to start shopping!

With love and lace,

Adore By S x


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