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Embracing Our Evolution

Bras By S has been an ever-growing love since 2017 for so many of us, and throughout this journey, both I, Shorina, and the business have grown in ways we couldn't have imagined. With each milestone reached and every challenge overcome, we've evolved into something truly special.

After a lot of contemplation and excitement, in 2024, we embarked on a new chapter as Adore By S. This decision wasn't made lightly; it's the result of endless dedication and a desire to embrace our evolution fully. We felt it was time to reflect our growth, our vision, and our commitment to celebrating beauty in all its forms under a name that encapsulates our mission and passion.

As we step into this new identity, our commitment to stocking beautiful pieces in all sizes remains unchanged. Adore By S will continue to celebrate every curve and empower every individual who walks through our virtual doors. Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do, and we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful, regardless of size or shape.

But the changes don't stop at our name. Along with a new name, we also introduced a new range. For 7.5 years, Adore By S was primarily known as a lingerie boutique, curating beautiful pieces of lingerie that made our customers feel both empowered and adored. However, in 2024, we expanded our horizons and launched our very first clothing range. This new collection is designed to bring the same level of elegance, comfort, and confidence that our lingerie is known for, now extended to your everyday wardrobe.

The world truly is our oyster, and there is only more to come. We are beyond excited to embark on this journey with you, bringing even more beauty, inclusivity, and style into your lives. Our vision for the future includes not just expanding our product range but also creating a community where every individual feels valued and celebrated.

Thank you for your love and support over the years. You have been an integral part of our journey, and we are excited to continue this adventure with you as Adore By S. And don't worry, our beloved lingerie range is here to stay, continuing to offer you the delicate, luxurious pieces that you have come to adore.

Here’s to the next chapter, to celebrating every body, and to embracing the beauty of evolution. Welcome to Adore By S!


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