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Body Positivity and How To Love Your Body

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While body positivity is definitely trending online at the moment, it's far from new. Body positivity actually has its origins in the fat acceptance movement in the 60s. In a more modern world, body positivity has many meanings... accepting our individual flaws, acceptance of different body shapes and sizes, and feeling a sense of love for our own bodies.

Body positivity and finding love for our body are most likely going to be a continual work in progress for a lot of us, especially as we get older and maybe have children. Our bodies will change and so will our thoughts about them but we can help the thoughts to be positive and more uplifting. Here are some ways you can encourage love for your body:

Practise gratitude

Find gratitude in all of the wonderful things your body allows you to do... walking your dog, playing with your children, holding your partner's hand, tasting food, listening to your favourite music, watching all of the trashy, but equally amazing, reality tv.

Our bodies allow us to do so many beautiful, incredible things and if we take a moment and focus on that, we can find so much love for our circumstances.

Try to not compare yourself to others

In a world with social media at the tip of our fingers, it's never been easier to compare to other people and if we're being honest, I'm sure we can all admit we've done it before. Whether it was consciously or not.

To do this, we need to become aware of the language we're using. If you find yourself scrolling on social media and comparing yourself to somebody else with words like "I wish ..." or "I would love it if I..." then take a step back, take a breath and reframe the thought to being somebody positive about that particular person. For example, instead of thinking (or saying) "I wish I had her hair", change the thought to "wow, she has such beautiful hair". Something as simple as this can make a huge difference.

Look at yourself as a whole person

What I mean by this is when you look at the mirror, don't look at one particular part of your body and see it as its own instead, look in the mirror and see yourself as one single whole human being. We would want other people to look at us as a whole person, so why are we picking ourselves apart?

Wear clothes and lingerie that make you feel incredible

Look, I'm sure you seen this one coming but... wear clothes and lingerie that make you feel incredible. If you're getting dressed for the day and feel anything other than empowered, sexy, powerful, and amazing, then you need to get changed.

Something as small as putting on a sexy three-piece lingerie set instead of your usual t-shirt bra can make you feel so much better in your own skin.

I hope this helps you find a little more love for your beautiful body!

With love and lace,

Adore By S x


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