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Why Women Wear Lingerie

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A couple of years ago, I asked a bunch of beautiful women (our audience!) why they wear lingerie and as we've grown and evolved, we wanted to ask our audience again!

"Let’s face it, us girlies love feeling like a kinder surprise."

"To take photos. So I can look at them and think, fuck yeah, that’s hot!"

"Because it makes me feel so good."

"For myself 😍 It's almost like a superpower knowing I'm wearing lingerie under my clothes."

"There are lots of reasons! Makes me feel sexy, sultry and powerful for myself and my man."

"To show my confidence and versatile sexiness."

"To make myself feel even more beautiful."

"Lingerie makes me feel confident and connected with my body. It helps to show me my beauty when sometimes I don't see it. Lingerie offers the opportunity for my husband and myself to experience with one another in a more intimate and passionate way."

"I wear lingerie for myself. Because it makes me feel confident in myself throughout the day and of course it makes me feel sexy, even if my outer clothes aren't the best." "I wear lingerie to give myself a confidence boost! Something about a gorgeous set makes me feel like I’ve got everything together!"

"I wear lingerie cause it makes me feel hawt and appreciate me and my skin."

"I wear lingerie because it makes me feel sexy."

"Because I feel like it's my secret when I have it on and makes me feel sexy."

"I wear lingerie because there is nothing more empowering than feeling sexy and confident in my own skin."

"I wear lingerie to make me feel confident. Whether it’s on a day where I love my body or I’m struggling with its limits, lingerie is always there to make you feel confident and your best!"

"To make myself feel sexy. Even on the shitty self-esteem days. Knowing that you look incredible under your clothes. It’s like a naughty little sexy secret all day. I love it!"

"Wearing lingerie makes me feel more confident about my body, it not only makes me feel better about the way I look but it makes me act more confident which my boyfriend finds more attractive."

"I wear lingerie to empower myself every day!! It gives me strength and confidence."

"I wear my lingerie to make me feel good in my skin. After two babies and a divorce, lingerie makes me feel sexy."

"Lingerie reminds me how wonderful it is to be a woman and allows me to express my feminity."

"I wear lingerie because it makes me feel feminine, sexy and supports self-confidence."

"I wear Adore By S lingerie because it gives me the confidence to show others how to own it."

I'm wondering if you noticed the common theme here... that lingerie isn't just about sex and getting dressed up for our partners. Lingerie is SO much more than that. Lingerie allows us to feel confident, sexy and empowered.

With love and lace,

Adore By S x


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