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Why Do Women Wear Lingerie?

Lingerie model wearing plus size lingerie

It's no secret that men love seeing women in lingerie, but women also love to wear it. You may not believe me, but I would say more than 70% of women wear lingerie regularly and that includes under their everyday work clothes.


Over the years, lingerie was used to create the "ideal" body-shape, the hourglass figure. This was done by binding themselves in a corset tightly to shrink their waist because they believed that was desirable.

While the days of shrinking waists are essentially over - thankfully - women do still wear lingerie to change the way they appear. One of the most common pieces of body shaping lingerie is referred to as shapewear. Lingerie boutiques now sell slimming underwear and bodysuits which would help hold your stomach or bust "in" under a tight outfit.

Lingerie is often also used to enhance a woman's assets. Women are able to purchase push-up bras or plunge bras. The only reason these styles of bras exists is that there are many women out there that like to enhance the way their bust sits.


I completely understand why some women don't wear lingerie, it can be uncomfortable, expensive and unnecessary. However for me, it's the opposite, if I don't wear a certain style of bra every day, I get back pain from not having adequate support. I find a lot of women with larger busts need extra support to lessen neck and back pain.


This is a big one. For hundreds of years, lingerie was worn with the purpose of seducing a partner, now it is worn for the feeling of being attractive and somebody's self-image and love.

Wearing lingerie boosts confidence levels, I know many of my girlfriend's wear lingerie to work because they feel more confident in their sales position or standing up to do a presentation. Other girlfriends wear it to feel more confident in the bedroom with their partners.

It has actually been proven that wearing a matching pair of underwear and bra will make a considerable impact on your self-esteem so that being said, I would love for you to find me a woman that says she does not feel 100% more confident when she wears lingerie. I honestly don't know if you could!


Lingerie is used for change. It may be because you want to change the way you feel during the day or you may want to change things up a little in the bedroom. Mostly, lingerie comes into the bedroom game.

Often I read and hear about relationships "getting boring" and it is usually suggested to try lingerie - you could call it a cliche - but, it absolutely works!

This is just a small list of reasons why women wear lingerie, everybody would wear it for different reasons. Shop our lingerie here.

With love and lace,

Adore By S x


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